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I Still Love This Game

May 30, 2018

Despite it being the 4th straight season resulting in a Cavs and Warriors showdown in the finals, this doesn't feel like a stale match-up. With the emergence of Houston and the struggles of the Cavs this season, there wasn't an expectation of both these teams meeting in the finals, but now that we're here, who comes out on top? Also in this episode is a recap of game 7 between the Rockets and Warriors, and the following questions answered:

  • Are there similarities between the Cavs run this season and the Lakers in 2010?
  • Is Golden State's dominance a result of good luck?
  • Looking back, was it still a bad trade to swap Wiggins for Kevin Love?
  • Why couldn't Lebron win with Shaq?
  • What will it take for LeBron to surpass Jordan?
  • Does Lebron truly dominate Jordan in terms of being a complete basketball players?