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I Still Love This Game

Nov 29, 2018

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird are universally regarded as, at least, in the top 10 in NBA history, and by most respected NBA historians, in the top 5. But, do we know why these guys are so great? What made their rivalry so amazing? Was it simply timing, or were they just that damn good?


Nov 21, 2018

The NBA, despite many strong performances on the offensive end, still can't escape its own shadow in terms of the drama and gossipy storylines that it has created. How big of a problem is this for the league moving forward?

Nov 9, 2018

It goes without saying that the Cavs are off to a horrid start without LeBron, but is this an accurate way of evaluating how good James is? Are there other factors that need to be taken in to provide context?

Nov 6, 2018

There is a perception out there that Durant needed the Warriors in order to cement his legacy. But have we ever stopped to consider what would be the last impression of Golden State had Durant never left OKC for the Warriors? Would they be merely a transitional championship team? And how did Durant turn them from a team...