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I Still Love This Game

Jan 18, 2018

Episode 12 of the I Still Love This Game podcast features 15 year NBA veteran and former number 1 overall pick, Joe Smith. With such a lengthy career, there were a lot of topics to discuss, including:

  • His rise to becoming the top college player in 1995
  • His decision to enter the NBA draft early
  • His NBA debut up against Hakeem Olajuwon and the Rockets during their championship ceremony
  • Being a part of Magic Johnson’s return game to the NBA in 1996
  • What caused the Sprewell/ Carlisimo incident early into the 97/98 season
  • Being unexpectedly traded to Philly
  • Playing under Larry Brown and alongside Iverson
  • His decision to sign with the Timberwolves
  • Transitioning from a future star of the league to a trusted veteran
  • Thoughts on coaching and other endeavors now that he is retired

If you’re interested in Joe’s basketball academy, check out his webpage at:

Stay in touch with Joe on his various social media accounts:
Twitter: @Joebeast95

Instagram: @Joebeast95

Soundcloud: NovaUnit (Joe Beast)